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1966年8月5日に発売され、イギリスのアルバム・チャートで7週間1位を記録し、アメリカでは、キャピトルが11曲入りヴァージョンを発売し、ビルボードのアルバム・チャートで6週間1位を獲得した、『リボルバー』のスペシャル・エディション [4LP+7インチ・シングル:スーパー・デラックス]。『リボルバー』に収録されている14曲は、プロデューサーのジャイルズ・マーティンとエンジニアのサム・オケルによって、今回、新たにミックス。そしてアルバムのオリジナルのモノ・ミックスは、1966年のモノのマスター・テープを使用。スーパー・デラックスに付属された豪華ブックレットには、ポール・マッカートニーの序文、ジャイルズ・マーティンによるイントロダクション、クエストラヴの心のこもった啓蒙的なエッセイ、ビートルズ研究家/作家/ラジオ・プロデューサーのケヴィン・ハウレットによる洞察に満ちたチャプターと詳細にわたる曲目解説をフィーチャー。また、このブックレットにはレアな未発表写真や、手書きの歌詞、テープ・ボックスや、レコーディング時のメモ書きなどの未公開画像、そして1966年に印刷された広告や、フォアマンのグラフィック・ノベル『birth of an icon: REVOLVER』からの抜粋なども収められている。

●63曲収録(4枚の180g/ハーフスピード・マスタリングLP+45rpm 7インチEP)
●LP1:オリジナル・アルバム ニュー・ステレオ・ミックス:14曲
●LP2 & 3:セッションズ(ステレオ&モノ):31曲
●LP4:『リボルバー』 オリジナル・モノ・マスター:14曲
発売・販売元 提供資料 (2022/09/08)
All the rules fell by the wayside with Revolver, as the Beatles began exploring new sonic territory, lyrical subjects, and styles of composition. It wasn't just Lennon and McCartney, either -- Harrison staked out his own dark territory with the tightly wound, cynical rocker "Taxman"; the jaunty yet dissonant "I Want to Tell You"; and "Love You To," George's first and best foray into Indian music. Such explorations were bold, yet they were eclipsed by Lennon's trippy kaleidoscopes of sound. His most straightforward number was "Doctor Robert," an ode to his dealer, and things just got stranger from there as he buried "And Your Bird Can Sing" in a maze of multi-tracked guitars, gave Ringo a charmingly hallucinogenic slice of childhood whimsy in "Yellow Submarine," and then capped it off with a triptych of bad trips: the spiraling "She Said She Said"; the crawling, druggy "I'm Only Sleeping"; and "Tomorrow Never Knows," a pure nightmare where John sang portions of the Tibetan Book of the Dead into a suspended microphone over Ringo's thundering, menacing drumbeats and layers of overdubbed, phased guitars and tape loops. McCartney's experiments were formal, as he tried on every pop style from chamber pop to soul, and when placed alongside Lennon's and Harrison's outright experimentations, McCartney's songcraft becomes all the more impressive. The biggest miracle of Revolver may be that the Beatles covered so much new stylistic ground and executed it perfectly on one record, or it may be that all of it holds together perfectly. Either way, its daring sonic adventures and consistently stunning songcraft set the standard for what pop/rock could achieve. Even after Sgt. Pepper, Revolver stands as the ultimate modern pop album and it's still as emulated as it was upon its original release. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine

構成数 | 6枚

エディション | Special Edition

LP One: 2022 Mix
Side A
1.Taxman (2022 Mix)
2.Eleanor Rigby (2022 Mix)
3.I'm Only Sleeping (2022 Mix)
4.Love You To (2022 Mix)
5.Here, There And Everywhere (2022 Mix)
6.Yellow Submarine (2022 Mix)
7.She Said She Said (2022 Mix)
Side B
1.Good Day Sunshine (2022 Mix)
2.And Your Bird Can Sing (2022 Mix)
3.For No One (2022 Mix)
4.Doctor Robert (2022 Mix)
5.I Want To Tell You (2022 Mix)
6.Got To Get You Into My Life (2022 Mix)
7.Tomorrow Never Knows (2022 Mix)

LP Two: Sessions
Side A
1.Tomorrow Never Knows (Take 1)
2.Tomorrow Never Knows (Mono Mix RM 11)
3.Got To Get You Into My Life (First Version / Take 5)
4.Got To Get You Into My Life (Second Version / Unnumbered Mix)
5.Got To Get You Into My Life (Second Version / Take 8)
6.Love You To (Take 1)
7.Love You To (Unnumbered Rehearsal)
Side B
1.Love You To (Take 7)
2.Paperback Writer (Takes 1 & 2 / Backing Track)
3.Rain (Take 5 / Actual Speed)
4.Rain (Take 5 / Slowed Down For Master Tape)
5.Doctor Robert (Take 7)
6.And Your Bird Can Sing (First version / Take 2)
7.And Your Bird Can Sing (First version / Take 2 / Giggling)

LP Three: Sessions
Side A
1.And Your Bird Can Sing (Second Version / Take 5)
2.Taxman (Take 11)
3.I'm Only Sleeping (Rehearsal Fragment)
4.I'm Only Sleeping (Take 2)
5.I'm Only Sleeping (Take 5)
6.I'm Only Sleeping (Mono Mix RM1)
7.Eleanor Rigby (Speech Before Take 2)
8.Eleanor Rigby (Take 2)
Side B
1.For No One (Take 10 / Backing Track)
2.Yellow Submarine (Songwriting Work Tape / Part 1)
3.Yellow Submarine (Songwriting Work Tape / Part 2)
4.Yellow Submarine (Take 4 Before Sound Effects)
5.Yellow Submarine (Highlighted Sound Effects)
6.I Want To Tell You (Speech & Take 4)
7.Here, There And Everywhere (Take 6)
8.She Said She Said (John's Demo)
9.She Said She Said (Take 15 / Backing Track Rehearsal)

LP Four: Revolver (2022 Mono Transfer of original master tape)
Side A
1.Taxman (Mono)
2.Eleanor Rigby (Mono)
3.I'm Only Sleeping (Mono)
4.Love You To (Mono)
5.Here, There And Everywhere (Mono)
6.Yellow Submarine (Mono)
7.She Said She Said (Mono)
Side B
1.Good Day Sunshine (Mono)
2.And Your Bird Can Sing (Mono)
3.For No One (Mono)
4.Doctor Robert (Mono)
5.I Want To Tell You (Mono)
6.Got To Get You Into My Life (Mono)
7.Tomorrow Never Knows (Mono)

7" Single: Bonus EP
Side A
1.Paperback Writer (2022 Stereo Mix)
2.Rain (2022 Stereo Mix)
Side B
1.Paperback Writer (Mono)
2.Rain (Mono)
    • 1.
      • 1.
      • 2.
        Eleanor Rigby
      • 3.
        I'm Only Sleeping
      • 4.
        Love You To
      • 5.
        Here, There And Everywhere
      • 6.
        Yellow Submarine
      • 7.
        She Said She Said
      • 8.
        Good Day Sunshine
      • 9.
        And Your Bird Can Sing
      • 10.
        For No One
      • 11.
        Doctor Robert
      • 12.
        I Want To Tell You
      • 13.
        Got To Get You Into My Life
      • 14.
        Tomorrow Never Knows
    • 2.
      • 1.
        Tomorrow Never Knows [Take 1]
      • 2.
        Tomorrow Never Knows [Mono Mix RM11]
      • 3.
        Got To Get You Into My Life [First Version, Take 5]
      • 4.
        Got To Get You Into My Life [Second Version, Unnumbered Mix ? Mono]
      • 5.
        Got To Get You Into My Life [Second Version, Take 8]
      • 6.
        Love You To [Take 1, Mono]
      • 7.
        Love You To [Unnumbered Rehearsal, Mono]
      • 8.
        Love You To [Take 7]
      • 9.
        Paperback Writer [Takes 1 & 2, Backing Track ? Mono]
      • 10.
        Rain [Take 5, Actual Speed]
      • 11.
        Rain [Take 5, Slowed Down For Master Tape]
      • 12.
        Doctor Robert [Take 7]
      • 13.
        And Your Bird Can Sing [1st Version, Take 2]
      • 14.
        And Your Bird Can Sing [1st Version, Take 2 ? Giggling]
    • 3.
      • 1.
        And Your Bird Can Sing [2nd Version, Take 5]
      • 2.
        Taxman [Take 11]
      • 3.
        I'm Only Sleeping [Rehearsal Fragment, Mono]
      • 4.
        I'm Only Sleeping [Take 2, Mono]
      • 5.
        I'm Only Sleeping [Take 5, Mono]
      • 6.
        I'm Only Sleeping [Mono Mix RM1]
      • 7.
        Eleanor Rigby [Speech Before Take 2]
      • 8.
        Eleanor Rigby [Take 2]
      • 9.
        For No One [Take 10, Backing Track]
      • 10.
        Yellow Submarine [Songwriting Work Tape, Pt. 1 ? Mono]
      • 11.
        Yellow Submarine [Songwriting Work Tape, Pt. 2 ? Mono]
      • 12.
        Yellow Submarine [Take 4 Before Sound Effects]
      • 13.
        Yellow Submarine [Highlighted Sound Effects]
      • 14.
        I Want To Tell You [Speech & Take 4]
      • 15.
        Here, There And Everywhere [Take 6]
      • 16.
        She Said She Said [John's Demo, Mono]
      • 17.
        She Said She Said [Take 15, Backing Track Rehearsal]
    • 4.
    • 5.
    • 6.
  • あらゆる可能性を試す先鋭的な実験精神が開花した中期を代表する傑作。珠玉のメロディと実験精神との絶妙なバランスで成り立つ陶酔のアルバム。 (C)1500マイル

    タワーレコード (2002/10/10)

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